Medical Diagnostic Technologies Queensland

About Us

Clinical and Industry Engagement


MedTeQ wants to build the next generation of medical imaging and monitoring systems as well to develop completely new ways of making medical images required to measure physiological function. Our mission is “to build and sustain a centre committed to developing biomedical engineering solutions, designed with, and purposely built for, clinician’s needs.” To do this effectively, MedTeQ undertakes all the R&D development of medical devices in consultation with clinicians at each of the partner hospitals. For example:

  • Sleep monitoring devices with Mater Health
  • Brain Cancer imaging with The Royal Brisbane Hospital
  • Breast Cancer imaging with Sonic Healthcare and The Greenslopes hospital



In order to strengthen scientific research, engagement and awareness with industry is essential. The US has shown us that the extensive collaboration between universities and industry and the subsequent transfer of scientific knowledge is one of the main contributors to the successful technological innovation and economic growth. We have several major collaborations with industry including:

  • Siemens with whom we are developing musculoskeletal imaging technologies. 
  • ​Bruker Bio-spin for whom we develop RF technology
  • X-Radiology with whom we are developing coils for dynamic imaging of joints
  • Magnetic Field Dosimeters for groups in Europe
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